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Yet another Republican Christianist pedophile (though not yet in rehab)

OC Weekly:

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office claims that sex-crime prosecutions are a top priority. So why is one accused serial child molester still free and awaiting trial after nearly four years? One answer might be connections. Jeffrey Ray Nielsen is not merely a former intern in the DA’s office. He’s a prominent Republican activist in a county controlled by the Republican Party, a man with close ties to the former and current heads of that party; Huntington Beach Congressman Dana Rohrabacher; and Michael Schroeder, adviser to the county’s top law enforcement officials, DA Tony Rackauckas and Sheriff Mike Carona. Nielsen preached the Bible, and berated liberals and homosexuals alike.


I can't quote the letters to "Billy." Twisted, sad, pathetic, manipulative, and, also naturally, very authoritarian.

“He tried to brainwash me,” says Billy, who is now married. “He was very controlling.”

As authoritarians do tend to be. Another case of Winger Projection Syndrome. NOTE Say, how's that Ethics Committee report on the Foley Affair coming? Or is that another Republican mess the Dems are going to have to clean up?

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