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Yet more health care bullshit from Obama

I know it's small, but still:

During a visit Thursday to the Capitol complex, Obama told rank-and-file House Democrats, "We are on the doorstep of accomplishing something that Washington has been talking about since Teddy Roosevelt was president, and that is reforming health care and health insurance here in America."

Since Obama's not ignorant, he's full of shit:

Last I checked, Medicare was put in place under LBJ, not Teddy Roosevelt. Of course, I do understand that mentioning successful single payer systems is taboo in Versailles, but rewriting history like Obama just did is a little bit much.

NOTE In the same story, Trumka sells out the membership. I'm shocked.

Trumka told reporters that beginning in 2017, all health plans — union and nonunion — would be permitted to seek coverage in the new insurance exchanges, but White House officials disputed that, saying the issue was not settled.

Originally, the high-value insurance plan tax included in the Senate bill was estimated to raise $149 billion through 2019. Trumka said the revisions would reduce that amount by $60 billion.

And they didn't "reduce that amount" to zero why, exactly? As opposed to less than half?

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Obama continues his practice, honed in the primaries, of never, ever saying anything good about a former Democratic President.

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what my brain "hears:"

During a visit Thursday to the Capitol complex, Obama told rank-and-file House Democrats, "We have moved Americans to the doorstep of the Gates of Hell, accomplishing something that the people have been fearful of since Teddy Roosevelt was president, and that is tightening the stranglehold insurance companies have on all Americans, and guaranteeing the uninterrupted flow of industry cash into Democratic campaign coffers for the forseeable future."

I really need to see a doctor about this...

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OTD (Obama Translation Disease).

Once you have successfully translated Obama's word fogs into English, you can no longer hear the words he's speaking; you can only hear the truth behind the words.

I hear it's spreading faster than the Bird Flu!

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Could this be yet another acronym for our lexicon?

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because this part of the thread is a real learning experience for me. I've read corrente for awhile now, especially since booman stopped being helpful. I hadn't realized that you guys were in-the-know about Obama for so long. OTB, OFB, etc---I never stop learning here.

I also want to say that, when Bushco (Is that SO last decade?) was in power (What am I saying, they still are, but you know what I mean.) I could not stand to look at his face or listen to his words. The same holds true now for Obamaco (Clever, huh?).

I cannot listen to him or even look at a photo. It makes me physically ill to even try. I wish I'd ordered some of those bullshit protectors for my ears that the veterans used for Bush. Remember that photo? I could use a pair now except that I refuse to listen. The remote control is good for something after all.

Full disclosure if I haven't made it before: I voted for the man. I did. Yes. I'm a douche.

Oh, and W.O.R.M. Hilarious!

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Of course, some of us are members of the class of 2007 ;-)

And heck, I had the luxury of writing in Hillary. So I was never really tested on which way to vote; I was in a state where my vote made no difference.

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I have a bookmark folder named Obama. It all goes in there. This is since he got elected. I really don't know why I voted for him since even in the campaign he made my skin crawl. I guess it was the McCain/Palin alternative.

There seems to be a discrepancy about the veteran with the bullshit protectors on his ears. Who was he protecting his ears from, dems or pukes? I prefer this one:

Oh wait. Fake controversy. Here's One Pissed Off Veteran. My bad.

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A quick consult of PolitiFact reveals that Theodore Roosevelt, when running on the Progressive platform in 1912, pushed for "pretty much what FDR accomplished with Social Security, but with health insurance added." In other words, single-payer, or perhaps something even more comprehensive.

TR would be outraged to see Obama invoke his name for this travesty.