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You're a racist!

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You're not really a racist, are you?

But how about if I convince millions of people that you and your spouse are, attempting to cheat you out of a job by creating a deafening whisper campaign that says you are?

If you fight back, I'll create another whisper campaign saying -- with the cruelest of irony -- that you'll stop at nothing to destroy all that's good and decent.

Why, you may ask, would anyone ever look me in the eye again after I did such a thing?

Because fabricating dehumanizing, reputation-destroying, hate-fueling lies is hopeful, transcendent, and unity-building change you can believe in!

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. . . his biggest media backer, MSNBC/GE which is counting on building lots of nuclear reactors once the country gets over its fear of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island under a “nukes are green” administration that it can trust.

(from the DU post by McCamy Taylor)

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in order to win custody is the only thing worse than falsely accusing another Democratic candidate of racism.

Unless you have good reason to make either charge, it's a dirty low-blow.

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