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Zeitgeist watch: Rising tide laps at the toes of the political class

Making it personal:

1. Climate change: Hurricane Sandy impacted Manhattan and DC, stomping ground for the political class. And so we see the discourse on climate change shift toward sanity, just a trifle. (Katrina? Far away black people, so after "progressives" had beaten Bush about the head and ears, the topic died, and Shock Doctrine privatizers were free to continue the destruction with charters, for example).

2. Guns: Sandy Hook is a wealthy bedroom community for Manhattan. And everybody who is anybody wants their kids in Sidwell friends, and no guns, please! So here again, we see the needle shift toward sanity, a little.* (Colorado? That's a fly-over state.)

3. Police state: Everybody who is anybody knew Aaron Swartz. (Mass incarceration and prison rape for black and poor people? Not so much.)

Unfortunately, with issues like DISemployment, housing, and health care, the political class is doing very nicely for themselves. So, move along people, move along. There's no story here.

NOTE * C'mon. No studies?

NOTE I've taken to pointing out to my technocratic friends that they came for people like me first, but they will come for you in time. The message hasn't taken. And of course, I could always be wrong....

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