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ZOMG!!!! Teh Benghazi!!!!!

I tried, honest I did, to give some coverage to the Benghazi flap in Campaign Countdown, because I did try to slap both legacy parties around, but I whenever I went looking I couldn't even find any good quotes!

So I chalked that up to the latterday Republican lack of seriousness and inability to gin up a decent scandal (anybody who remembers the feral Republicans of 2000 and 2004, heck, of 1998 -- they impeached Clinton over a blow jpb!!!!! -- knows what I mean).

Is there any sort of there, there? I mean, a CIA black site in some embassy basement, that makes sense, but that's pretty routine these days, yes?

I mean, something goes wrong in some peripheral imperial garrison, and I should be excited? Why?

NITE I got off the Benghazi train at the point where ZOMG!!!! The Benghazi!!!!! was about YouTubes and riots in Egypt and stupid or complicit Romney was making some clumsy and misdirected attack... Apologizing for America, was it? Did I not get the memo? The memos have been piling up, I grant.

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

Or we can be properly outraged that the WH has lied and manipulated the media, again, to deflect criticism before an election. A headline like:

US ambassador slain in 9/11 anniversary attack by terrorists

Would have looked kinda lame on 9/12, no? Instead we got:

Random hooligans protesting a youtube video got somewhat out of hand - pay no attention to the date or our dead ambassador - those silly ragheads!

Followed a few weeks later by - oh nevermind, the video had nothing to do with it, our bad. I wonder how many of our ambassadors do we normally lose in a year? As foreign policy failures go, this ranks up there with the bombing of the marine barracks in Lebanon under Reagan. Or we can just pooh pooh the whole thing because we are so sophisticated in handling ongoing war now.

Submitted by lambert on

Did you read to the end?

I mean, something goes wrong in some peripheral imperial garrison, and I should be excited? Why?

I'm not jaded. I'm just tired of being jerked around by Imperial Troopers and their lackeys on the home front.

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Submitted by lizpolaris on was in a remote country and you don't want to talk about it anymore.

To me, when we stop facing the consequences of our imperial actions, and look the other way while the Imperial Troopers and lying and jerking us around, that's jaded.

Submitted by lambert on

If you think the Benghazi flap has anything to do with that, think again.

Submitted by jawbone on

ambassador, in a city where there was lots of skulduggery going on between CIA and Salafists/terrists to be kind of, well, not a Good Idea.

Might be the ambassador was just in the wrongest of wrong places at the wrong time, and the goal was releasing prisoners that were thought to be imprisoned there?

Hard to tell. Maybe the Congressional hearings will release some actual info. Don't hold your breath.

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Submitted by okanogen on

US embassies are, like all governments embassies, one of the bases for their spies. This is a historical fact. It is also a historical fact that if the host country can't or won't protect another country's embassy from attack, it will be overrun and/or destroyed people can be killed. They aren't fortresses.

Libya is a barely functioning state. No matter what the reason, something like this could have easily happened for a thousand reasons, and no, it doesn't matter in the slightest who, what or why.